Sino-NZ Model Vocational Education Programme

The Sino-NZ Model Vocational Education Programme was agreed to as a commitment in the Strategic Education Partnership Arrangement which was signed during Prime Minister Key’s visit to Beijing in 2013.

The programme provides a framework by which New Zealand ITPs can engage with Chinese counterparts in curriculum development and delivery with government-level support

This space is designed for QTC Scholars to upload materials relevant to the Certificate in Adult Teaching (CAT)

This site is created to meet the key outcomes for Sino-NZ model programme project which are;

  1. To identify, evaluate and pilot templates, processes and procedures used in the design, creation, delivery and evaluation of TVET model programmes (i.e. Virtual Toolbox)
  2. To apply toolbox functionality in authentic situations through the development of model programme modules.
  3. Evaluate usability and effectiveness of toolbox functionality in the diverse cultural and production environments of model programme partners. 
  4. Develop evaluation instruments to gather evidence of the impact of model programme development on all stakeholders. 

This Virtual Research Environment Demonstrator  provides participants with an overview of the synchronous and asynchronous functionality available to;

  • Configure private team research spaces to conduct research.
  • Administer and manage research tasks in a secure environment.
  • Use a range of multimedia tools communicate with peers, industry experts and partners
  • Initiate symposiums, workshops and presentations across distributed locations
  • Disseminate findings to a multilingual audience.

If you wish to create your own space for the Sino-NZ project please contact Dr John Clayton (

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