A space for China - New Zealand professional and vocational education and training activities.

The third Sino-NZ research forum, to be held Hamilton New Zealand in November 2015, will focus on how national agencies, provider institutions and individuals establish stakeholder confidence in the provision of technical, vocational, and professional education. The symposium will, hopefully, be align  to an official Chinese ministerial visit so at the moment conference confirmed dates are still to be formalised> However, the conference organising team recognise the need to provide as much preparation time as possible to potential presenters. This will enable them to “pencil in” a time-frame and prepare the presentation.

This site, focused on technical vocational education and training (TVET) pedagogical practices and applied research, has been designed using the following basic principles: preparation, presentation, practice, performance and evaluation

  • Preparation: Generic conceptions of TVET pedagogical practices and applied research are presented to stimulate participants thinking and approaches to the topic to be explored.
  • Presentation: After sessions have been completed, key resources used in describing, explaining and exploring topics are made available.
  • Practice: Outlines of the activities undertaken and samples of templates used during the workshop are made available.
  • Performance: Functionality is made available for participants to present evidence that demonstrates their understanding of topics explored.
  • Evaluation: At the end of the full programme participants will complete an online evaluation of the course.